Corinth History

1832 – The first house of worship was built.

1835 – The church was constituted.

1843 – First mentioned Pastor’s salary – $27.00 a year.

1855 – Church voted to raise money for a new building.

1857 – New church building was begun.

1857 – Church voted to organize a Sunday School.

1862 – A school house was built on church land.

1875 – First time on record that State Missions was mentioned

1926 – The old church building was sold for $200.00.

1927 – In February the first service was held in the new church which cost $4,760.00

1931 – During all conferences, the church held roll call, and absentees were marked.

1940 – Church purchased first communion set with individual glasses for $28.84. Prior to this time, the church used two goblets (these goblets are on display in the vestibule).

1945 – Electric lights were connected into the church.

1948 – The average attendance of Vacation Bible School was 71.

1956 – Corinth withdrew from the field with Peace’s Chapel.

1958 – The pulpit area was converted into a choir loft and back portion of the church was built. The men of the church did the majority of the carpentry work.

1960 – The Women’s Missionary Union gave the pulpit furniture that is in use today.

1961 – Vestibule was built in front of the church.

1964 – The parsonage was completed.

1973 – 16 stain glass windows were installed in the church. These were given by members and former members.

1974 – A new organ was purchased with love gifts form members and former members.

1979 – New pews were installed in the church. These were given by members and former members.

1981 – Fellowship building was built. Many hours of dedicated service and labor were donated by men of the church.

1999 – Addition to the fellowship hall was built.

2010 – The parsonage was sold and moved.

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